Enrolment in RESCUE-ASDH trial is now officially over!

posted 1 May 2019, 00:35 by RESCUE ASDH

Enrolment in RESCUE-ASDH trial is now officially over!
463 patients randomised in total!

Amazing effort by all investigators and research staff during last 4.5 years! Thank you!

Joint RESCUE-ASDH and CENTER-TBI Investigators meeting

posted 17 Oct 2018, 03:06 by RESCUE ASDH

A joint RESCUE-ASDH and CENTER-TBI Investigators meeting  has been planned on 21 October 2018.  

Meeting details:
Brussels, Belgium
Sunday 21 October 2018
16:30- 18:30hrs (registration opens at 16:00hrs)

The meeting aims to provide an update on the current status of the RESCUE-ASDH and CENTER-TBI studies.

Please note that unfortunately travel and other expenses for attending the meeting, cannot be covered by the RESCUE-ASDH or CENTER-TBI studies.

October Newsletter

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RESCUEicp Results Published

posted 14 Sept 2016, 00:05 by H. Adams   [ updated 14 Sept 2016, 00:06 ]

Our sister trial, RESCUEicp, has been published. 

The NEJM paper can be found here and the accompanying editorial is here
The University press release explaining the importance of the findings is here
Other media coverage includes an article in the Telegraph

First International Participant

posted 22 Mar 2016, 15:21 by RESCUE ASDH

Congratulations to Drs. Chris Madden and Vin Shen Ban and their team at UTSW in Dallas for enrolling the first international participant of the RESCUE-ASDH trial.

February 2016 Newsletter

posted 1 Mar 2016, 07:58 by RESCUE ASDH

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First International Site

posted 17 Feb 2016, 02:04 by H. Adams

RESCUE-ASDH has reached a new study landmark: the study has officially extended overseas, opening it's first international site for recruitment at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas (USA). Congratulations to Drs. Chris Madden, Tony Whitworth and Vin Shen Ban for their outstanding work.

January 2016 Newsletter

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December Newsletter

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October Newsletter

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